Coinbase and other Innovations

Coinbase  primerfor the uninitiated.

If you want something new to try, here is a good idea where you can discover innovations and surprising tools that have never been seen before. Consider a SmartWatch, the latest of devices on the market, become a pioneer and wear the new… more

The most important element for a new photographer to get to grips with is Composition. Putting it into its very basic form, the composition can be said to be the way to create a photo that is aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. All digital… more

These steps offer a broad foundation in how to get started if you are thinking about renovating your home. Gather your ideas • Watch renovation shows (but don’t trust the timelines as a lot can happen during commercials). • Visit… more

The learning process is complex. The brain is the most complicated object in the known universe. Electrical impulses called neurons transmit information throughout the brain. There are over 100 billion neurons in the brain. The mystery of… more

hills yet? Do you sense the greatness behind… more

OK so, here you are in 2018, and wondering how can you start this New Year in the right way. Looking to lose a few pounds? How about starting to write that book you never had the chance to begin since its conception, 6 years ago.… more

To what degree do you seek creative solutions when involved in hard-nosed negotiations? Such negotiations can be extremely demanding and… more

In the 19th century, Robert Ingersoll was a famed speaker and agnostic. He would give popular speeches on why he doubted the existence of God. Before one crowd he read a letter he recently received from an old friend.… more


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