American Flag Masks: Show off your Patriotism!

As Americans, it’s been a trying year if not a difficult few years. I hope that, we will now engage in a time of mending broken fences. Regardless of one’s points of view, I think as Americans we all agree that it’s time to set our different ideologies aside and repair broken fences.

While not everyone appears to have shares compatible opinion about coronavirus, most people seem to agree to wear a face mask as a basic precaution. At the very least, it’s a unique way to make a fashion statement. One innovative way to share your love for the United States during these difficult times is with a stars and stripes flag facemask.

Even if you’re not worried regarding coronavirus, masks are actually trendy and there exist other viruses, not to mention filthy air for those who live in metropolitan areas. 2021 is the year to come together.


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